On Friday 13 October we waved goodbye to our Year 12 students, the Class of 2023. For these young men and women, many of them a part of the Wesley tapestry since ELC, it was an emotional but exciting moment.

The Year 12 Breakfast: A time to express gratitude

The culmination of over 12 years of formal schooling; a coming of age, a defining moment, as they launch themselves into adulthood and life beyond the school gates.

It was a day of celebration, recognition and gratitude. Recognition of the hard work and tenacity required to make it this far; of the dark days of COVID which affected so many; but mostly, of the Wesley community – our parents, students and teachers, and the vital partnership that helped get them to this pivotal moment. It was also a time for the students to express their gratitude for the opportunities they have been given, for the generosity of their teachers, and for a school culture that supported them on their intellectual, emotional and personal journeys.

Our Class of 2023 shared mixed feelings on the day. Many expressed excitement about the future, nervousness about upcoming exams, and (one or two) great joy at never having to wear a school uniform again! Ultimately, there was one commonality: a sense of surprise, of contemplation, and of reflection as they acknowledged the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another.

Vale, Class of 2023. We look forward to hearing about your adventures ahead.

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