There are some dark periods in the history of Wesley College and we have learnt much from listening to survivors who were harmed during their time at school. Wesley College is profoundly sorry for the harm to former students that has resulted from the actions of employees from the College’s past.

This message is first and foremost an acknowledgment and apology for this harm. It is also recognition of the extraordinary courage it takes for survivors to come forward. It is hoped that this statement is evidence of Wesley doing its best to make appropriate restitution of historical abuse and to demonstrate our commitment to supporting survivors in any way we can.

The OW community has our assurance that we are committed to, and work tirelessly for, the protection of all children from all forms of child abuse. The College has worked directly with survivors to develop this message and also to provide support to former students who may be suffering as a result of historical abuse.

The various areas of support that are available to the Wesley College community are included below:

Charter with IGFF

Wesley has established a Charter of Cooperation with IGFF. IGFF provides services for survivors including mental health care, legal representation, support to access the National Redress Support Service, police liaison, social welfare and full wrap-around support.

IGFF draws on more than twenty years of specialist trauma-informed case management and advocacy services for survivors, families and communities impacted by institutional abuses.

IGFF Contact Details:

Address: 223/838 Collins Street Docklands, VIC 3008

Office: 1300 12 IGFF (4433)




Your Call Whistleblowing Solutions has been appointed to receive and manage reporting with impartiality and confidentiality.

When making a report use the organisation ID: WESLEYSAFE

Phone 1800 718 514 from 9am-12am AEST Mon-Fri (excl. public holidays) or visit

Child Safety Policies

We have strengthened College policies and procedures which support child safety, community and individual health and wellbeing and apply to all members of the College community.

We have increased compulsory training and compliance for staff and contractors with modules relating to Victorian Child Safe Standards including all forms of abuse, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity, and College practices and procedures for child safety.

We offer direct contact to escalate issues to the Principal for OWs.

Email: or call 03 8102 6100

These initiatives represent our commitment to the entire Wesley community to ensure that we maintain a culture of ethical behavioural standards, compliance and good corporate governance.

They complement our commitment to detecting and preventing illegal, unethical and unsatisfactory conduct or misconduct through a process that ensures members of the school community can report their concerns freely and without fear of repercussion.

This is not an easy subject to address. We take heed from the courage of our survivors to face into and own our past, while ensuring support and protection for past, present and future generations of the Wesley College community.

For some people, this may be confronting or overwhelming. If you need to talk to someone, support is available.

Lifeline: Call 13 11 14

IGFF: Call 1300 12 4433