The OWCA Executive is a dedicated team of alumni from various backgrounds, who volunteer their time to give back to Wesley and their fellow OWs, enriching their alumni experience.

Our Executive’s extensive experience equips them to provide expert support and guidance to the OWCA.

The Executive is responsible for:

  • organising and encouraging interest in OWCA events
  • managing and distributing funds throughout the OWCA
  • conceptualising and implementing innovative and relevant OWCA initiatives
  • reviewing and improving OWCA activities.

The Executive consists of office bearers and elected individuals to the positions of President or Co-Presidents, Vice President, Treasurer and general committee members across a number of portfolios.

Who’s on our Executive?
  • Co-President Belinda Danks Woodley (OW2004)
  • Co-President Jack Ayerbe (OW1963)
  • Vice President Kate Evans (OW1998)
  • Treasurer Chris Foster-Ramsay (OW1999)
  • College Head, OWCA Ian Thomas (OW1982)
Committee members
  • David Kennedy (OW1966)
  • Anastasia Malishev (OW1995)
  • Rob Martyn-Wilde (OW2004)
  • Tim Foster (OW2003)
  • Amy McAlister (OW2003)
  • Thomas Pewtress (OW2018)

Get involved

To get involved with the OWCA Executive team, contact Ian Thomas, College Head, OWCA, or +61 3 8102 6475