The OWCA Executive is a dedicated team of alumni from various backgrounds, who volunteer their time to give back to Wesley and their fellow OWs, enriching their alumni experience.

Our Executive’s extensive experience equips them to provide expert support and guidance to the OWCA.

The Executive is responsible for:

  • organising and encouraging interest in OWCA events
  • managing and distributing funds throughout the OWCA
  • conceptualising and implementing innovative and relevant OWCA initiatives
  • reviewing and improving OWCA activities.

The Executive consists of office bearers and elected individuals to the positions of President or Co-Presidents, Vice President, Treasurer and general committee members across a number of portfolios.

Who’s on our Executive?

Kate Evans

Kate Evans (OW1998)

In her career as a communications professional, Kate Evans has more than 20 years of know-how across retail, fashion and lifestyle brands. With both extensive agency and in-house experience, she was responsible for launching Japanese apparel retailer UNIQLO into the Australian market. Prior to this, she was National PR Manager at iconic brands Sportsgirl as well as Target and has senior management experience at some of Melbourne's most well-known public relations and event agencies. Having ‘never really left’ Wesley since her final year as College Captain in 1999, she has had the pleasure of serving on the OWCA Executive committee multiple times over the past 20 years. Her favourite event on the social calendar, the annual Founders’ Day Dinner, is a personal passion project that she will forever drive with the heart of a lion. If you could bleed purple and gold, then it’s guaranteed that Kate does. #bleedingpurpleandgold

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David Kennedy (OW1966)

Most of David’s business life has encompassed the field of marketing and communications and could be largely broken into three major periods. The first of which was in media and advertising, primarily Network 10, working through the ranks to become Director of Sales and Marketing. The second major period was spent in the heart of face-to-face communication, specifically with global communications consultancy Rogen International. This included time as Managing Director of both the Melbourne and London offices and as a Director on Rogen’s Worldwide Board. His third period, which saw him into retirement, was as an independent communications consultant where he spent the majority of his time consulting across the Asia Pacific area. In concert with Roger Mendelson (OW1967), David Crow (OW1967) and Graeme Johnson (OW1966), he has been instrumental in bringing together a large group of alumni who manage to keep in touch, particularly via an annual lunch function.

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Chris Foster-Ramsay

Chris Foster-Ramsay (OW1999)

Chris Foster-Ramsay is the owner of Foster Ramsay Finance, a multi-award winning finance broking firm based in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. An expert in residential, commercial, development and plant and equipment finance broking and lending, Chris has more than 15 years’ experience and built his career through roles at the coal face of lending, including at the National Australia Bank, GE Money and Connective. On the OWCA Executive, he oversees financial partnerships with our Investment managers and external auditors, and works with the OWCA Office team on day-to-day procurement, cost control and budgets. He is as heavily involved at Wesley College now as he was when a member of the Rowing and Drama programs at school.

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Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas (OW1982)
College Head, OWCA

Ian Thomas is the executive officer of the OWCA. He has held the position since the beginning of Wesley’s sesquicentenary celebrations in 2016, following a career in public relations that includes Public Relations Officer, National Gallery of Victoria, and in marketing, working with national and international brands such as Cadbury Schweppes, Ford and L’Oreal. He brings extensive club management and committee experience from his role as Club Liaison Officer, Monash University, and various committee roles including four years on the OWCA Executive committee. His entrepreneurial background includes restaurateur and chef, having trained at historic Melbourne restaurant Marchetti’s Latin, and the music industry and in design. He combines a love of Wesley history with the desire that the OWCA remain progressive and relevant for all alumni.

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Committee members
  • Jack Ayerbe (OW1963)
  • Belinda Danks-Woodley (OW2004)
  • Anastasia Malishev (OW1995)
  • Amy McAlister (OW2003)
  • Thomas Pewtress (OW2018)
  • Rob Wilde (OW2004)

Get involved

To get involved with the OWCA Executive team, contact Ian Thomas, College Head, OWCA, or +61 3 8102 6475