Every student leaving Wesley College gains a lifetime membership to the Old Wesley Collegians Association (OWCA) – nurturing, supporting and connecting students far beyond their school years.

Members of the OWCA join a proud community steeped in a history which spans cultures, continents and generations. Our broad and flourishing network unites over 22,000 former students (OWs), who live and work in more than 53 countries.

As one of the the largest alumni organisations of its kind, the OWCA encompasses a wide spectrum of fields and professions, offering unparalleled opportunities for business networking, career collaboration and relationship building among school friends, both old and new.

Our highly engaged members keep in close contact through regular reunions as well as social, professional and special interest events, and through a variety of affiliate groups. Our extensive events program is just one of the ways in which the OWCA proudly supports its members and the broader College community. The OWCA also connects past students to the current Wesley school community, providing opportunities to inspire the next generation of OWs.

Image: The Bates Family, 3 proud generations of OWs.

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