The Collegians Football Club, an institution steeped in tradition and success, has a rich history of premierships that span over a century.

Established in 1892 by LA Adamson, the club has been a powerhouse in the world of Australian Rules Football, winning the inaugural premiership as well as in the centenary year in 1992. To date, the club has won a total of 21 Senior Men’s premierships, which is the most of any club in the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA).

Collegians Football Club in 1895

The 1950s and 1960s marked a golden era for the club. One of the most famous and successful contributors was Geoff Hibbins (OW1948) (dec) who was captain for eight years, six of which he also coached and two of which he acted as Club Secretary. He also won the 'Best and Fairest' award six times at the club, and was five times 'Best and Fairest' for the VAFA. One of his greatest contributions though, which stands us in good stead today, was to develop the club’s culture.

Winning games (whilst an extremely desirable outcome!) was not the primary reason you joined Collegians. Geoff was adamant that fair play was mandatory and that the club should provide a support network of friends and mentors for the players. The lasting benefit of this philosophy was evident on Grand Final day this year, when thousands of loyal supporters were at Elsternwick Park to see the boys claim an 85-point win over St Kevins Old Boys.

The Hibbins name has long been synonymous with the club. Geoff’s older brother, Ian (OW1945) (dec), known to all as 'Heffa', was a regular at home games until his death in 2017. Younger brother Lex (OW1953) (dec) was an outstanding Collegian, playing in five premierships as well as coaching in 1963 and becoming President of the Club in 1975. Lex’s son Mark (OW1978) played 197 games for Collegians, coached the club for seven years and was Co-President from 2017-2021. He played in back-to-back premierships in 1992 and 1993 and coached back-to-back A Grade premierships in 2011 and 2012. Brother Nick (OW1983) played in the 1980s and 1990s and is the current Men's Reserves coach, having previously coached the U19s and Senior Women’s team. Mark’s son Sam (OW2011) carries on the legacy, captaining the team to victory in September.

Collegians Football Club - 2023 Senior Men's Premiers

We are fortunate to have many, many members who have supported the club over the last 130-odd years, too many families to mention here. There are names going back 100 years that still maintain a close connection to the club they love, and many are enjoying its current resurgence.

Collegians has grown enormously over the last 30 years with the introduction of an Under 19 and Thirds' team and our first women’s team in 2017, captained by Christine Nancarrow (OW2016), daughter of Club President Rod (OW1982).

Fielding so many teams does, however, present a logistical and financial challenge. Our success is built on the back of a dedicated committee and the amazing support base Collegians is famous for.

In 2019, the Collegians FC launched a Future Fund plan. Earnings of the Collegians Football Club Future Fund will accumulate in the fund until the sum of $500,000 has been achieved. Income derived from this sum in the fund may then be used for the current expenditure of the club. The goal of the Future Fund is to raise one million dollars by the club’s 150th Anniversary in 2042.

This year the Collegians Football Club Future Fund has reached an important milestone with over $200,000 now raised.

As we move into the 21st century, the Collegians Football Club continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Our approach to recruitment, development, and fostering a sense of community within the club has allowed us to remain competitive. The support of passionate fans and dedicated club members has been integral to our continued success. The club's storied history, marked by triumphs and challenges, serves as a reminder of the importance of dedication, teamwork and community in the world of sports.

Collegians Football Club is not just a club; it is a living, breathing embodiment of Australian Rules Football and the indomitable spirit of its players and supporters.

As we continue to evolve and strive for greatness, our legacy of premierships remains a cherished chapter in the broader history of the College. It is a legacy that will undoubtedly continue to grow as we forge ahead into a bright and promising future.

Want to make a donation?

To make a donation to our great club, visit click on 'Our Club', then select 'Donations.'

Our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation enables us to offer tax deductible donations.

A non-tax-deductible donation can be made by contacting Rod Nancarrow (OW1982) on 0412 687 430 or

The Club would like to thank the following supporters for their generous donation to the Collegians Future Fund:

  • Huw Apted (OW2007)
  • Tim Baxter (OW2004)
  • Lois Bell
  • James Bennett (OW1981)
  • Michael Bickford (OW1971)
  • Charles Cohen (OW1970)
  • Jeremy Cutts (OW1970)
  • Richard Edwards (OW1963)
  • John Etherington (OW1972)
  • Andrew Greenway (OW1993)
  • Richard Henebery
  • Geoff Hibbins (OW1948) Estate
  • Lex Hibbins (OW1953) Estate
  • Mark Hibbins (OW1978)
  • John Hicks (OW1953)
  • Keith Irvine
  • Brett Jefferson (OW1988)
  • Ed Johnson (OW1964)
  • Michael Johnson (OW1998)
  • Shane Joyce
  • David Kerr
  • Rob Lancaster (OW1982)
  • Trevor Lands
  • Toby Loakes (OW1993)
  • Bob Loder (OW1944)
  • Rick Loder (OW1973)
  • Stephen Mount
  • Rod Nancarrow (OW1982)
  • Frank Opray (OW1963)
  • Nick Pike (OW1982)
  • Susie (OWCA Honorary Life Member) and Peter Rodgers-Wilson (OW1965)
  • Bruce Stewart (OW1968)
  • Greg Tregear (OW1983)
  • David Walduck (OW1962)
  • Chris Warner (OW1978)
  • Brad Woolhouse (OW1988)
  • The Old Wesley Collegians Association


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