The theme for this year’s National Science Week, Innovation - powering future industries, underscores the vital role of innovation in sustainability, economic growth and progress.

Sam (Year 9) teaches Year 3 students about electricity

As we know, science and innovation drive significant advancements in health, technology and the environment, so as educators, it's our responsibility to inspire the next generation of innovators who will shape the world and drive future industries.

National Science Week at Elsternwick in 2023 featured campus-wide activities for students of all ages, including colouring competitions, poster contests, online quizzes and hands-on learning experiences. Year 9 students took on the teaching role and led Junior School classes, explaining scientific concepts and conducting experiments to spark curiosity and foster a love of science in younger learners.

The AI Academy visited to teach computer coding and artificial intelligence to students from Years 3 to 6, and Professor James McNamara from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute shared ground-breaking work on curing heart disease using stem cells. These experiences deepened students' understanding and appreciation of the incredible field of science.

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