Meeting Addi

Meeting Addi puts the biggest smile on your face. She’s calm, gentle and playful, and on the cuteness index, she’s pushing 11.

Cuteness overload! Addi the therapy dog with Dennis Xu, Chelsea Ling and Milla Loo from Year 4 and Harvey Huynh from Year 2

Addi is the therapy dog at our Glen Waverley Junior School Campus and provides excellent emotional support to students, helping them with their learning and the development of important skills such as perseverance and resilience. She’s currently undergoing 12 months of therapy training and when she wears her vest, she is officially working.

According to Jenni Concillia, Head of Individual Needs, Addi had been readily accepted by the Junior School community and has even had a ‘positive influence’ on staff members.

Chelsea Ling from Year 4 loves her. ‘Before I met Addi, I was scared of dogs,’ she says. Harvey Huynh from Year 2 feels the same way. ‘Addi helps to cheer me up and she makes me feel happy and calm,’ he said. She’s adored by students and staff alike, as evidenced by the presents, letters and drawings she has been given.

Students were also invited to design her kennel and the winning design has been built for her to enjoy when she needs to relax. She loves her special ‘sanctuary’ and the space in the Individual Needs room which allows her the freedom to play and work with the students, as well as rest when she needs to. After all, she is a working dog!

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