2020 marked the 20th anniversary of the establishment of our Clunes campus and our partnership with the community and township of Clunes. Wesley College is celebrating this significant milestone through a major redevelopment of the campus and a refreshed Year 9 program in 2021, detailed in Clunes –  The Next Chapter, our strategy for the future development of programs and infrastructure at Clunes.

Williams Boag Architects are the project architects and the development includes a significant upgrade  to the existing Hannah Street precinct. The historic home at 10 Hannah Street will be transformed into a demonstration kitchen overlooking a village produce garden. This will connect, via outdoor learning spaces, to new learning studios and additional student accommodation, meeting the demands of increased enrolments across the College. The studios will be the first purpose-built non-residential learning spaces at Clunes, complementing the existing student houses and historic buildings on and around the campus.

Subject to government public health measures in 2021, we will invite current and past students, current and past parents, alumni, and staff to join us at Clunes. Please come and share your Clunes memories and celebrate the future of Wesley at Clunes. We will provide an update in the new year and confirm a date for this event by mid-2021. The Clunes campus was established with the financial support of alumni, parents, and the Old Wesley Collegians Association. This exciting redevelopment will cost $6m and the Wesley College Foundation is very pleased to provide opportunities for alumni, past and current parents to make a tax-deductible donation to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Clunes – The Next Chapter. The Foundation really appreciates the support that has already been provided by members of our College community who have donated to this fundraising campaign.

Your invitation to support Clunes – The Next Chapter

Wesley College receives no government funding for buildings and facilities, so we rely on the support of parents, past parents, and alumni to help fund new developments. The Principal, Nicholas Evans, and the Wesley College Foundation would be most grateful for any tax-deductible donation you can make either as a single gift or pledge over two years.

Clunes Collegians Program

Clunes alumni can donate as little as $20 to be part of the next chapter.

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Further information

For more information, please email us at foundation@wesleycollege.edu.au

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