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The Wesley community flourishes and extends far beyond the school years, because every student who has attended Wesley automatically becomes a member of the OWCA when they leave.

Our highly engaged OWs nurture, support and connect through a range of social, mentoring and career advancement networks.

In the words of the ‘Founders’ Day Song,’ ‘New York, Canton or ‘Frisco,/No matter where you roam,/You’ll meet Old Wesley students/Ten thousand miles from home.’

Lion Magazine

Latest edition of Lion Magazine Captiion

With the Paris Olympics fast approaching, it probably won’t surprise you that our extended cover story for this edition of Lion is Wesley at the Olympics.

In this edition, we also celebrate the growing success of Learning in Residence (LiR), our boarding program at the Glen Waverley Campus. Since opening its doors back in 2016, LiR has become a vital, vibrant part of our school, and today we’re close to full capacity. In our feature on boarding on page 12, we talk to staff and students to find out why.

Our Olympics feature also covers last month’s wonderful Founders’ Day Lunch which featured a panel of OW Olympians. The reflections they shared gave a fascinating insight into the demands of sport at the elite level. We can be blessed with all the natural talent in the world, but without the resolve and resilience required to test yourself physically and mentally across years of training, sporting success at that level is unlikely.

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