The Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School in the Kimberley, Western Australia engages Aboriginal youth up to Year 12 with a cultural and geographically relevant education, and opens doors to further study and employment.

For the Wesley College community in Melbourne, the school also provides an opportunity to broaden understanding, acceptance and respect for Australia’s first people.

A life-changing opportunity for Aboriginal students

Quality education is a life-changing gift and is made possible through scholarships to study at Yiramalay.

As a registered school, Yiramalay receives state and federal government funding, however an additional $20,000 is required per student on the program, per year to cover the costs of the educational program. With 60 students currently enrolled, we are seeking to raise $1.2 million each year to secure the delivery of this transformative experience.

Through the scholarship fund, we improve Aboriginal students’ engagement in education and achieve tangible positive outcomes in terms of pathways to further education and employment.

Bring about positive change through education to Aboriginal students and their communities by making a tax deductible donation today.

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Further information

For further information about supporting the Yiramalay Scholarship Fund, please contact the Yiramalay Executive Director, Ned McCord via email to

I have enjoyed my time at Yiramalay because it has made me more appreciative of my surroundings and my culture.

Geraldine Guyula - Past student

As a mentor, I encourage the students to see that they have choices and opportunities at Yiramalay and in life.

Kaylene Marr - Senior Mentor and traditional owner

Yiramalay made me step out of my comfort zone and try different things like travelling overseas to China. I now work full-time as a jackaroo for Leopold Downs.

Locky Williams - Past student

The program has taught me to take every opportunity you get. I was a Prefect in 2016. When I graduate I hope to join the Navy or become a physiotherapist.

Teneille Francis - Past student now serving in the Royal Australian Navy