The Elsternwick Sports Hall is a facility that supports the entire campus in Physical Education and Sport classes. It is a highly utilised space that supports multiple Physical Education classes during the school day, sport training after school and Community College external use.

The current Sports Hall is in much need of refurbishment to reflect the growth in Elsternwick enrolments and the requirements of current 21st century teaching and learning in both Physical Education and Sport. A redevelopment would broaden and support flexibility in its use for a range of developmental stages during the school day and as a quality sport training and game facility after hours.

New hard-wearing flooring and enhanced lighting would ensure the safety and well-being of the students and other external users of this space, whilst providing an appealing facility that encourages physical activity and social connections. Finishes and surfaces should reflect the purpose of the space, be easily maintained, withstand the traffic of regular use and the nature of sporting activities for which the Sports Hall is used. Updated and modern Basketball/Netball rings as well as Volleyball/Badminton uprights would also develop this facility to a higher standard for the Wesley community and non-Wesley guests

The total cost of this extensive refurbishment will be about $150k. The College has asked the Wesley College Foundation to raise an immediate $60k then over the course of this year the balance of these funds. We hope you can assist us with a tax-deductible donation or pledge over two years.

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Further information

For further information on financial contributions to the Elsternwick Sports Hall Redevelopment, please contact:

Wesley College Foundation Executive Director, Jack Moshakis (OW1973) 
Call: +61 3 8102 6385